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YDS has established its position with an impressive rate of growth, as the primary supplier of military footwear to the largest military force in NATO, meeting the exacting demands of this toughest of customers in all theaters of activity. We have targeted the experience gained in this production to become a major supplier of Military Footwear. We have invested extensively in research and development, CAD/CAM, various alternative soling technologies and computerized stitching to enable us to stay at the “leading edge” of technical superiority. Our intention is to maintain the highest quality and performance standards in our products, supported by a significant extension to our in-house laboratory testing facility, enabling us to ensure all materials and processes conform to the European licensing standards. Our future is indeed bright, so why not share our success and join now in growing list of customers worldwide. Wherever the performance is a priority and foot comfort is required we ensure Your Demand is Satisfied. Having achieved the valued “Gore-Tex” license to manufacture military footwear, safety and occupational footwear we are confident that this will open up an extensive market for performance products using the technical support of a world brand leader.

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